Alternative Software Center app Grid tested

A Software Center is a great thing for people who switched to Linux and learn about the software diversity. Many users are already familiar with app stores from their smartphones. The idea is very simple and clearly arranged so that the many programs are quickly and easy installable on the their platform. Since 2013, an alternative Softwar center was released for Ubuntu Linux-based derivatives, which is named app Grid.

The great thing is that the program is based on the same sources as the Ubuntu Software Center. That means, that the comments and reviews from users are identical. The screenshots and addon options are the same. In addition, you can login with your Ubuntu One Account as well 🙂
So why switching if everything is the same?
There may be people who find the design of the official software center inelegant. There will certainly be enough reasons that developers have programmed an alternative Software Center. In the last time, I often work with Elementary OS. The offical Software Center doesn’t fit in the minimalistic design nor the program icons were shown correctly. So I decided to swtich and want to present you some screenshots the way how to install it.

Thats the official Software Center.

And that is the same content in the fancier App Grid

Let me just tell you about installing app Grid.
Just fetch the .deb file (click here).
In the download directory simply double-click on the application and install.

What advantages do you see in the alternate Software Center?

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