Using phpLiteAdmin with Raspberry Pi

Users who using a Sqlite3 database on their raspberry pi, might need this tutorial, for easy managing the content of each databse. We are using phpLiteAdmin which is a php based tool to manage and manipulate your lokal databases.

This tutorial requires that Php, Web server, and sqlite components are already installed.
First of all, we activate a ssh connection to our raspberry pi. Alternatively the way to open the terminal via the graphical user interface on the Raspberry Pi is also possible. Now we use the existing terminal connection, and type in the following commands.
The script which we are using is phpLiteAdmin and can be found on their projectsite.
Moreover there are additional languagepackages and screenshots available. Using the terminalconnection we would like to download the latest skriptfile and save them in this directory /var/www/admin.

cd /var/www
mkdir admin
cd admin

With these commands we created a directory named admin. And we downloaded the scriptfiles.
Now we have to rename the included configurationfile:

sudo cp phpliteadmin.config.sample.php phpliteadmin.config.php

After that, we have to modify the configurationfile:

sudo nano phpliteadmin.config.php

There we have to type in an individual password for the loginpage:

$password = 'YourPassword';
$directory = 'AbsolutePathToDatabase';

Finally we have to modify the access rights for all files and directories:

sudo chmod 755 php*
cd ..
sudo chmod 755 admin

So that’s it! We try to connect to the adminpanel using our browser of choise. E.g.
If you have done everything right, then you can now log in into the admin panel and find your records and modify if necessary.

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  • Hi –

    I followed your instructions, but when I navigate to [IP]/admin it takes me to the Ghost blog I am hosting on my Pi. If I use [IP]/phpliteadmin.php It just get the Ghost blog 404 error page.

    Any ideas?


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